About us

You better live now

Hi! Nice to meet you. 🙂 We are Reinder & Roana, both born and raised in The Netherlands. We share a love for traveling, mountains, chocolate, Indonesian food and our family and friends.

We are determined to live our lives as happy, caring and authentic as possible. To live consciously in stead of the autopilot life. To create. To be there for others. To make ideas and dreams actually come true, and to figure out how we can use our business to help others. And to inspire other people to do the same. You better live now. ‘Cause you know… why wait? Now is all you have.

About berg & maan

berg & maan was founded in 2019. After successfully launching his own company in 2016, Reinder still had another idea he dreamed about for years: launching his own backpack brand, with affordable, accessible bags. Roana was happy to join. And so the adventure began! A super fun process: drawing the first designs, finding the right producer, and eventually: receiving the very first prototypes. A very special moment! Lucky for them, these first prototypes could join us on our 3-month trip to South America, where we tested them intensively. Stuffed with a camera, laptop, water bottles, food, books and all the million other things you (think you) need while traveling – we definitely didn’t make it easy for them. On the other hand: they got the chance to walk through snowy mountains, see the sun rise above Machu Picchu and sleep underneath a million stars (jealous much? Then go for it too! You really don’t need a fortune).

During our trip, we extensively analyzed every single detail of the bag. Back home, we gathered all our feedback and carried out all needed optimizations, resulting in what we proudly call..our very own backpack brand! Our happy bags.

Safe to say our backpacks are ready to fly out, happier and stronger than ever!